Research on Manufacturing Execution System Oriented to Agile Manufacturing



As a bridge between top-level transaction and low-level control system of facilities, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the key technology to implement the integration of all enterprise information systems. The research on MES oriented to agile manufacturing is of great importance in improving the level of management and automation. This paper is a brief introduction to the features of MES and its key technologies based on agile manufacturing environment. In view of the advanced technology and its practicability and feasibility, the methodology of software reuse is employed to study MES oriented to agile manufacturing. Meanwhile, the author analyses its key technologies, proposes an integration framework of MES oriented to agile manufacturing which can realize the horizontal integration and vertical integration for MES by adopting agent components, and presents a solution to MES’s implementation for the agile manufacturing company.




Daizhong Su, Qingbin Zhang and Shifan Zhu




X. P. Xia and G. S. Ren, "Research on Manufacturing Execution System Oriented to Agile Manufacturing ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 419-420, pp. 397-400, 2010


October 2009




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