The Properties of a Class of Higher-Dimensional Composite Wavelet Packet Bases



In this paper, we introduce a class of vector-valuedwavelet packets of space , which are generalizations of multivariate wavelet packets. A procedure for constructing a class of biorthogonal vector-valued wavelet packets in higher dimensions is presented and their biorthogonality properties are characterized by virtue of matrix theory, time-frequency analysis method and operator theory. Three biorthogonality formulas regarding these wavelet packets are derived. Moreover, it is shown how to gain new Riesz bases of space from these wavelet packets. obtained.




Yanwen Wu






H. W. Li and D. Liao, "The Properties of a Class of Higher-Dimensional Composite Wavelet Packet Bases", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 439-440, pp. 1099-1104, 2010


June 2010




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