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作者: Jun Feng Tian, Huai Xiang Wen

摘要: Wireless sensor network applications often require a scalable time synchronization with the environment and communicating. Most of time...

作者: Xiao Guang Zhu, Qing Yao Han, Zhang Qi Wang

摘要: This paper presents an improved ant colony algorithm to plan an optimal collision-free path for mobile robot in complicated static environment....

作者: Hai Wang Cao, Chao Gai Xue

摘要: To better apply ERP, it is necessary to understand its developing rules and influencing factors in the diffusion process. Firstly, properties of...

作者: Hong Ye Zhang

摘要: An image encryption algorithm based on self-adaptive and chaos theory is presented. The scrambling transformation is completed with Logistic chaos...

作者: Wen Li, De Yuan Zhang

摘要: Based on analysis of the micro-surface and kinematical formulas of elliptical vibration cutting(EVC), the paper presents that frequency and...

作者: Ying Zhu Huang, Sheng Wei Zhang, Yu Zhang, Jie Ying He

摘要: This paper investigates the mobile phone’s interference to the 183.31 GHz receivers of the MWHS (Microwave Humidity Sounder) in the FY-3...

作者: Zhen Yu Zhao, Ming Jun Liu, Yong Shan Xiao, Bai Liu

摘要: High speed machining (HSM) features in high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility and high quality. The key techniques on HSM such as...

作者: Zhen Yu Zhao, Dong Ying Liang, Yong Shan Xiao, Bai Liu

摘要: At present, high speed machining (HSM) features in high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility and high quality. HSM technology involves...

作者: Guo Fa Mi, Jin Zhi Zhang, Hai Yan Wang

摘要: Alloys were produced by casting of Cu-Al-Fe-Be and Cu-Al-Fe-Ni aluminum bronzes and aged. The microstructures and mechanical properties were...

作者: Xuan Yao Wang, Yi Cao

摘要: The forward kinematics of wire-driven parallel manipulator CRPM(Completely Restrained Position Mechanism) for aircraft wind tunnels is presented....