Self-Sharpening Abrasive Composite Bulks with PCBN Grains



Abrasive composite bulks consisting of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) grains, Cu-Sn-Ti alloy and graphite particles were sintered at the heating temperature of 920 °C for the dwell time of 30 min. The bending strength of abrasive composite bulks was measured. The interfacial microstructure and the phases were characterized. In addition, the dressing experiment was carried out to detect the self-sharpening behavior of the composite bulks. Results obtained show that the abrasive composite bulks in this investigation give higher bending strength than that of the vitrified abrasive wheels. The compounds of TiN, TiB2 were formed and the PCBN grains were embedded firmly. Strong fixing of the bulks to the PCBN grains led to the breakage of the PCBN grains when the abrasive composite bulks fractured. The intergranular fracture mode of the PCBN grains ensured the self-sharpening effect of the grains.




Feng Zhu, Xipeng Xu and Renke Kang




B. Zhang et al., "Self-Sharpening Abrasive Composite Bulks with PCBN Grains", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 487, pp. 220-224, 2011


July 2011




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