Advanced Materials in Microwaves and Optics

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作者: Seyed Hamid Hashemipour, A. Salman Ogli, Nasim Mohammadian
摘要: In this article, we probe the atmosphere disturbance such as Attenuation, Scattering, turbulence and thermal blooming on the laser beam propagated it. For investigating, we designed software which gives the vertically propagation characteristics of a general-type beam in atmosphere, based on the Huygens–Fresnel principle. When the required source and medium parameters are entered, the simulator yields the average intensity profile along the propagation axis in a video format. The results show that the peak value of the average intensity can be astonishingly affected by atmospheric turbulence, thermal blooming effect (for typical high power lasers) and the laser beam diameter.
作者: Mário Gajdoš, Andrej Berdis, Ján Gecák, Milan Mičko, Tadeaš Kurilovský
摘要: Precise and reliable information on the machinability of a material before it enters the machining process is a necessity, and hypotheses must be tested through verification of actual methods. This article presents conclusions of machinability tests on a new austenitic stainless steels X2Cr12Ni12MoTiN and describes appropriate parameters for the cutting zone during the process of turning. The content of this article also focuses on the analysis of selected basic indicators of steel machinability: quality of the processed surface. The results of the article are conclusions for working theory and practice for turning of austenitic stainless steels. Based on the cutting tests, cutting speeds of 80 to 200 m/min, feed rate of 0.05 to 0.2 mm and solid carbide insert WNMG 080404-NF.
作者: Yun Liang Yu, Ye Bai, Jian Qiang Wang
摘要: Choose a wavelet to transform the logging curves, which can obtain a series of scale and depth corresponding to wavelet coefficients. From the view of fourier series expansion and spectrum energy, the wavelet coefficients of optimal scale should be the largest proportion of total spectral energy. Based on the theory above, method of average modulus based on wavelet transform is put forwarded. Find the optimal scale factor through wavelet transforming of logging curves, and establish a correspondence between oscillations characteristic of wavelet coefficients curve of the optimal scale factor and sequence stratigraphy boundaries. This method provides a new way to recognize sequence stratigraphy boundaries.
作者: Shou Cheng Ding, Wen Hui Li
摘要: This paper studied the transmission of the athletics starting signal and the end signal detection over the line in track and field competition. At the starting point, 433MHz wireless transmitter module coded and sent the start signal. In the race finish line, the laser device detected athletes signal over the line. The system used an embedded Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 serial communication control to achieve a reasonable upper and lower computer hardware and software online. Experiments show that: The combination system of hardware and software control applies wireless communication technology and laser detection devices to avoid interference with normal visible light. It has many advantages of a timing accuracy, fast and accurate arrangement of athletes.
作者: Xiao Nan Sun, An Ping Liu, Xiao Song Sun
摘要: In this paper, a portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is designed to monitor the digging process of Pb contaminated soil based on contaminated site remediation. This field monitoring method is applied to the project of Pb contaminated restoration site K. A full time program is designed for XRF to monitor the exceeded standard regions of Pb pollution during the digging contaminated soil. The acceptance monitoring results show that the Pb concentration of all original exceeded points are under the limit value 260mg/kg, and reach the requirement of environmental protection. This application results show that the portable XRF was designed effectively in field monitoring on heavy metal such as Pb, which realize the purpose of quickly identification and digging of contaminated soil.
作者: Bao Rang Li, Xin Ming Xi, Yang Bai
摘要: The nano-TiO2 powders with the average particle size of about 40nm were used as starting materials. The compacted powders were firstly performed in Spark-plasma-sintering (SPS) at a high temperature and then sintered in air for hours at a relatively low temperature. The obtained samples were investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results showed an obvious reduction in grain size was achieved by taking advantage of modified two step sintering (MTSS). The value of the relative grain growth d/do for the samples prepared by MTSS was less than 3.
作者: Zhi Gang Shan, Hong Hai Kuang, Ming Sheng Kuang, Chun Hong Zhou
摘要: There are significant impacts on the safty of tunnels because of porous materials.In order to avoid serious accidents of tunnels, Porous materials of carbonate rocks under the condition of low temperature and high pressure have been studied in the paper. Samples of local carbonate rocks have been collected from carbonate rock formation. Special machine was designed to simulate the condition of low temperature (10°C-20°C ) and high pressure (1-30Mpa) undergroud 4000M in jinping.Samples of local carbonate rocks have been tested in the machine. Spectrographs and scanners have been used to observed the change of porous materials of carbonate rocks.Results of the technological measurements show that the change of porous materials of carbonate rocks is affected by low temperature and high pressure.With the change of low temperature and high pressure, surface chemistry is affected throughout the surface of carbonate rocks. When the temperature of carbonate rocks exceed 15°C and pressure less than 18Mpa,there will be new compounds on the surface of carbonate rocks. These new compounds will change the porosity and thesaturated permeability of carbonate rocks.The change may led to serious accidents of tunnels.If we want to avoid these serious accidents,we must keep the temperature of carbonate rock formation less than 15°C and pressure exceed 18Mpa.
作者: Hong Hai Kuang
摘要: Pattern recognition of carbonate rocks in RS image have been studied in the paper. Samples of carbonate rocks were scanned into rock images.By analysing these samples of carbonate rocks,a new arithmetic was chosed and a standard curve of carbonate rocks by the arithmetic can be gotten.Rs images were divided into grids.There are curves by the arithmetic in grids. The standard curve of carbonate rocks and curves in grids were compared.If both of curves look very similar,the grid is carbonate rocks area.
作者: Eugeniusz Kornatowski
摘要: This paper presents a method for vibroacoustic analysis of a transformer in the steady state. The standard approach to this problem has been based on analysis of the vibration frequency spectrum recorded with an accelerometer mounted on the transformer’s tank. To improve legibility of measurement results, the paper suggests the analysis method for the relative coefficient of harmonic frequency contents hnorm(f). The conducted experiment showed that high values of hnorm within a wide frequency range testify to deformation of windings and degradation of solid insulation.