The Design of Campus Geographic Information System Based on MapX5.0+VB6.0



Because the traditional campus GIS (CGIS) lacks close contact and unified management between the spatial data and attribute data, it can not meet the needs of information construction and management for campus. The author proposes the system construction goals of the “digital campus”, which bases on information and figures technology, after analyzing CGIS model, functions and features.VB6.0 is the developing tool and MapX the components of MapInfo is the developing platform. The campus information’s stratification method of spatial database, the table structure of attribute database and functions of system are designed by the author. And the functions of data input, output and update; display and maintenance maps; query the shortest path are all studied. They are all the useful exploration for establishing the CGIS.




David Wang




H. F. Li, "The Design of Campus Geographic Information System Based on MapX5.0+VB6.0", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 500, pp. 629-634, 2012


January 2012





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