Kinematics and Dexterity Analysis for a Novel Hybrid Kinematic Machine



In this paper a novel 4 Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism with the configuration of 4PUS-1RPU is applied for a 5-axis Hybrid Kinematic Machine (HKM), combined with an additional linear motion. The Parallel Kinematic Mechanism (PKM) is composed of four symmetrical driving chains and one central passive sub-chain. Firstly, the mechanism is described, and the mobility is analyzed. Then the inverse kinematics of the 4-DOF PKM and the direct kinematics for the serial central sub-chain are then presented. The dexterity and the workspace analysis for the mechanism are also carried out. Finally, machining experiment research is presented to verify the effect of the prototype. The research provides the basis for the further parametric design with consideration of kinematic and dexterity performance.




W.B. Lee, C.F. Cheung and S. To




H. J. Yu et al., "Kinematics and Dexterity Analysis for a Novel Hybrid Kinematic Machine", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 516, pp. 420-425, 2012


June 2012




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