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作者: Bing Qi, Jian Ming Gao, Da Man Shen

摘要: Recycled aggregates concrete (RAC) becomes an important participant in recycled materials. This study was performed in order to evaluate the...

作者: Chun Yu Teng, Yun Fu, Zhan Yong Ren, Yong Hong Li, Yun Wang, Wen Li Ouyang

摘要: The properties of alloys depend on its microstructure, such as the size of grains. In general, the balanced mechanical properties of alloys can be...

作者: C.A. Huang, Jhih You Chen, Ui Wei Leu

摘要: The corrosion behavior of Cr-C-deposited steel specimens, which were prepared from the Cr3+-based bath, was investigated in the 0.5 M...

作者: Youssef Wahib, My Larbi Abidi

摘要: The lime addition in the mix asphalt became nowadays an innovative technique in the field of infrastructure. The objective of the experiences is...

作者: A. Saad Najim, A. Kadhum Ola

摘要: In present work, the influences of TiO2 nanoparticles addition on the tribological and mechanical behavior of polyphenylene sulfide...

作者: Nizar Jawad Hadi, Dhey Jawad Mohamed

摘要: This paper investigates the flow, thermal and mechanical properties of waste polypropylene (WPP) reinforced with silica (SiO2)...

作者: H. Mardin, I.N.G. Wardana, Kamil Kusno, Pratikto, S. Wahyono

摘要: Effects of sea water immersion for palm fiber in relation to surface morphology, roughness and bonding between the fiber and sago matrix were...

作者: H.S. Sindhu, Sumanth Joishy, B.V. Rajendra, P.D. Babu

摘要: Zinc oxide thin films were deposited on glass substrate at a substrate temperature of 673K by spray pyrolysis method using different concentration...

作者: Mstislav O. Makeev, Sergey A. Meshkov, Yury A. Ivanov

摘要: The problem of reliability prediction and assurance is characteristic of wireless devices based on nanoscale multilayer heterostructures because...