Materials and their Application


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作者: E.V. Koreshkova, A.A. Kulemina

摘要: A study of phase composition, texture and structure of electrolytic Fe-Mo deposits is presented. It was proven that molybdenum changes the...

作者: Sergey I. Koryagin, Nikolay L. Velikanov, Oleg V. Sharkov

摘要: An adhesive composition is used as a binder in many composite materials. Crack resistance of an adhesive composition is the most important...

作者: A.V. Kirichek, S.V. Barinov, A.V. Yashin

摘要: It was experimentally found that during the passage of the impact momentum through multi-indentor impact system the distortion of energy transfer...

作者: V.V. Ivanov, S.I. Popov, A.V. Kirichek

摘要: The purpose of the investigations carried out is the formation of qualitative nanostructured coatings and development of methods for their...

作者: A.I. Gusev, N.A. Kozyrev, I.V. Osetkovskiy, O.A. Kozyreva, D.V. Valuev

摘要: Studied the effect of the introduction of vanadium and cobalt into the charge powder fused wire system Fe-C-Si-Mn-Cr-Ni-Mo-V, used in cladding...

作者: A.P. Morgunov, I.V. Revina

摘要: The article studies the structure and properties, regularities of their change with the introduction of various fillers and under the influence of...

作者: R.S. Chuikov, S.S. Chuikov, A.S. Stavyshenko, V.A. Vasilkovich

摘要: The article is dedicated to investigating the problem of increasing the efficiency of modular cutting tools with indexable inserts made of hard...

作者: I.L. Polyanskaya, L.V. Belova

摘要: The paper presents the results of study on artificial strain ageing of tube steel. Temperature fluctuations accelerate ageing processes in steel...

作者: B.K. Rakhadilov, M.K. Skakov, T.R. Tulenbergenov

摘要: Changes in the structure and the tungsten surface erosion by hydrogen plasma irradiation are studied in the article. It is shown that the change...