Advanced Materials and Processes of Metalworking II


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Vladimir G. Kolobov, Evgenii V. Aryshenskii, Yaroslav A. Erisov, Alexander Nam, Maksim S. Tepterev

摘要: The present study investigates the process of beverage can end forming from 5182 aluminum alloy. Stress-strain state during forming is analyzed...

作者: Alexander E. Afanasyev, Vladimir R. Kargin, Boris V. Kargin

摘要: Computer simulation of expansion of tubes by extrusion was performed. Deflected mode analysis was described. Influence of collar taper angle,...

作者: S.G. Simagina

摘要: Intensive development of Russian aviation and aerospace industries put an emphasis to the problem of quality of using materials and workpieces and...

作者: E.G. Demyanenko, I.P. Popov

摘要: In this paper weldability study of low-alloyed thermal resistant conductor alloys of Al-Cu-Mn and Al-Mg-Si alloying systems with different content...

作者: Nikolay Dovzhenko, Sergej Sidelnikov, Ivan Dovzhenko, Roman Galiev

摘要: Basic information and research results of the process combined rolling-extruding have been represented, which have been used to create new...

作者: Sergey Nikolaevich Larin, Valeriy Ivanovich Platonov, Evgeniya Vitalievna Leonova

摘要: Stringer radiator panels made of aluminum and titanium alloys used in the hull structure of the aircraft, which is necessary to maintain the...

作者: Vasiliy V. Yashin, Evgenii V. Aryshenskii, Erkin D. Beglov, Maksim S. Tepterev, Anna F. Grechnikova

摘要: Objective of the work: develop a model for calculation of plate exit thickness. This model is supposed to improve process reliability in obtaining...

作者: Fedor V. Grechnikov, Alexander I. Khaimovich, V. Mikhelkevich, Cho Pei Jiang

摘要: The article represents theoretical analysis of friction influence on the process of formation experimental blank with several radial wedge-type...

作者: Vladimir A. Mikheev, Sergey V. Surudin, Yaroslav A. Erisov, Ekaterina S. Khoruzhenko

摘要: It is proposed to use actual computer software systems, providing a visualization and automation of the wrinkling and visualization and automation...