Investigation of Flux-Less Soldering of Metal Matrix Composite and Ceramics by Use of Zn Solder



The work was dealing with direct soldering of Al2O3 ceramics and a metal/ceramic composite (MMC) with Al matrix. The joints were fabricated by application of flux-less process by use of a hot plate at the assistance of ultrasound with frequency of 40 kHz. The experiments were performed by use of Zn6Al6Ag solder. Wetting was attained on both substrates. The joints of a good quality were fabricated. The soldering temperature was 420 °C. The microstructural studies of interface have revealed a transient zone of Al dissolving on the side of MMC and formation of Zn oxides on the side of ceramics, which were responsible for bond formation.




Prof. Gu Xu




R. Koleňák and I. Kostolný, "Investigation of Flux-Less Soldering of Metal Matrix Composite and Ceramics by Use of Zn Solder", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 759, pp. 29-34, 2018


January 2018




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