Key Engineering Materials

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编辑: M. Murata, K. Koumoto and T. Takenaka, S. Fujitsu
上线时间: July 2001
描述: Asia is the most active area for research of the Electroceramics. The research field of Electroceramics is rapidly expanding, and has tremendous implications for a wide range of high-tech applications.
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This book presents the latest research results on ceramic science for electronics as conductive ceramics; dielectrics, piezoelectric and ferroelectric ceramics; semiconducting ceramics; insulators; thin films of electroceramics; batteries and cells; memory devices; and optical devices in Asia. Emphasis is placed on the potential applications of these materials, as well as on production and fabrication techniques.


编辑: C. Kermel, V. Lardot, D. Libert and I. Urbain
上线时间: December 2001
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Comprising more than 600 papers, the aim of this 3-volume set is to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the relevant trends in the research and development of all aspects of ceramics. It will constitute an excellent reference source for every researcher working in the field.


编辑: K.M. Holford, J.A. Brandon, J.M. Dulieu-Barton, M.D. Gilchrist and K. Worden
上线时间: April 2001
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Understanding the manner in which damage evolves in engineering materials, systems or structures is currently the focus of extensive research. The object of the present book is to report recent advances in the areas of damage detection, assessment and quantification.


编辑: Xipeng Xu, Jianyun Shen and Yuan Li
上线时间: June 2001
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Extensive research during the past 30 years has provided a relatively complete understanding of the many diverse aspects of abrasive processes which are suitable for the final machining of components that require smooth surfaces and precise tolerances. Although widely used in industry, abrasive treatments remain perhaps the least understood of all machining processes. Advances in the field of abrasive processes are therefore of great fundamental and practical interest.


编辑: R. Novakovic and B. Korthaus
上线时间: January 2001
描述: Advanced Ceramics are often exposed to very aggressive operating conditions. The improvement of such materials, and innovations in their production and processing methods are the driving forces behind the development of many industrial processes.


编辑: A.B.O. Soboyejo, I.R. Orisamolu, and W.O. Soboyejo
上线时间: February 2001
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The present book presents an in-depth report on probabilistic methods used to study fatigue and fracture of engineering materials. It is divided into three sections: fatigue; reliability modeling; and statistical methods. The book will serve as a useful new reference on probabilistic methods in fatigue and fracture. It should be of interest to researchers and engineers in industry and academia.


编辑: N. Katsube, W.O. Soboyejo and M. Sacks
上线时间: January 2001
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There is now a tremendous worldwide interest in functional biomaterials. The present book covers the major aspects of the field. It is divided into four parts. The first section (A) covers various aspects of joint replacement. Section B presents the topic of dental ceramics, while Section C describes the microstructural aspects of biomaterials. Finally, some of the recent innovations in biomechanics are discussed (Section D), together with some features of bioengineering.


编辑: D.R. Mumm, M. Walter, O. Popoola and W.O. Soboyejo
上线时间: January 2001
描述: This book presents ten chapters on the science and engineering of durable surfaces. The first section focusses on various types of surfaces and advanced coating processes, while the second part concentrates particularly on thermal barrier coatings. The book covers both, in-depth state-of-the-art reviews as well as cutting-edge new information emerging from ongoing research:


编辑: L. Zhang
上线时间: January 2001
描述: Precision machining is an essential manufacturing process to achieve high dimensional accuracy and high surface integrity of functional components for various technological applications, such as those in aeronautical, biomedical, mechanical, metrological, mechatronic, nano-technological and microscopy industries. To achieve a satisfactory operation of precision machining, however, one must have a deep understanding of the setting and control of machining conditions, mechanisms of material removal and effectiveness of the cutting tools. As a result, a quality precision machining requires a comprehensive integration of the development of machine tools, the improvement of machining methods and the wise application of materials science and engineering and mechanics of solids.


编辑: S. Giannini and A. Moroni
上线时间: September 2000
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Bioceramics 13 contains the proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Ceramics in Medicine organized by the “International Society for Ceramics in Medicine”. This society is an established forum for distinguished material scientists, bioengineers, molecular and cellular biologists, bone biologists, orthopedic surgeons, clinicians and manufacturers, to gather together and discuss the latest achievements in the field of bioceramic materials.