Residual Stress Analysis of Microwave Plasma CVD Diamond Films



The residual stress and crystallographic texture of diamond films were investigated in the present work. The diamond films were synthesized on (100) silicon wafer by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor deposition (MPCVD). Then the residual stresses of the films were measured by X-ray diffractometer equipped with the two-dimensional detector. The residual stresses can be classified into two categories, i.e., the intrinsic stresses and the thermal stresses. It was shown that the thermal stresses were compressive in the temperature range studied and the intrinsic stresses were tensile. The crystallographic textures of the films were measured by X-ray diffractometer with the method of pole figure and orientation distribution function (ODF). The experimental results suggest that the crystallographic textures of the films depend upon the deposition temperature and methane flow rates, and the components and intensity of crystallographic textures have effect on the residual stresses in diamond films to a certain extent.




Paul Van Houtte and Leo Kestens




L. Chen et al., "Residual Stress Analysis of Microwave Plasma CVD Diamond Films", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 495-497, pp. 1359-1364, 2005


September 2005




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