In Situ and Real Time Investigation of Directional Solidification of Al - Ni Alloys by Synchrotron Imaging



Solidification is a dynamic phenomena and, as a consequence, it is of major interest to be able to investigate this process by in situ and real time observation. With synchrotron sources, this can be achieved by applying X-ray Imaging techniques (Radiography and Topography). Hence it is possible to follow the dynamical selection of solidification pattern on metallic alloys and to observe strain effects during growth process. In this paper, we present results obtained by using separately the two imaging techniques for the study of the microstructure formation during Al – Ni alloys solidification.




A Roósz, M. Rettenmayr and Z. Gácsi




G. Reinhart et al., "In Situ and Real Time Investigation of Directional Solidification of Al - Ni Alloys by Synchrotron Imaging ", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 508, pp. 75-80, 2006


March 2006




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