Superplasticity in Ultrahigh Carbon (1.6 Pct C) Steel



Ultrahigh carbon steel containing 1.6 wt pct C was processed to create microduplex structure consisting of fine-spheroidized carbides and fine ferrite grains. Elongation-to-failure tests were conducted at strain rates from 10-4s-1 to 15×10-4s-1, and at temperatures from 600 °C to 850 °C. The steel exhibited superplasticity at and above 700 °C when testing at a strain rate of 10-4s-1, and at 800 °C when testing at strain rates of 7×10-4s-1 and slower. The grains retained the equiaxed shape and initial size during deformation; dynamic grain growth was not observed after superplastic deformation, whereas carbide coarsening was observed. It is concluded that the fine ferrite grains or austensite grains are stabilized by the grain boundary carbides, and grain-boundary sliding controlled by grain boundary diffusion is the principal superplastic deformation mechanism at temperatures in the range of 700-850 °C.




K.F. Zhang




Z. L. Zhang et al., "Superplasticity in Ultrahigh Carbon (1.6 Pct C) Steel", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 551-552, pp. 199-202, 2007


July 2007




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