Dynamic Response of a Steel Pipe to Internal Blast Loading



To design a cylindrically-shape explosion container, the experiment of a high explosive charge detonating in a steel pipe has been performed. The charges, composition C4, were positioned at the geometrical centre of the steel pipe. Two kinds of measurements were performed on the steel pipe: circumferential strain and outside diameter. The strain-time history shows that the pipe structure vibrates and the vibration is decaying. It has been reported that this type of response is explained as the mechanism of strain growth, and this problem is taken up to verify computer simulation in this study. This simulation code could be strong tool to estimate the geometries of the explosion container. The relationship among the pipe parameter, explosive charge and pipe’s final deformation is proposed as practical guidance for predicting radius and thickness of the pipe correspond to the level of internal blast loading.




S. Itoh and K. Hokamoto




G. M. Simangunsong et al., "Dynamic Response of a Steel Pipe to Internal Blast Loading", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 566, pp. 29-34, 2008


November 2007




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