The “Ductilities” in Single Phase Steels from Usual to Nano-Scale Microstructures



The control and the improvement of the ductility of nano-structured structural steels is one of the key challenges in assessing the technological viability of this metallurgical strategy. In the present paper, it is shown that more rigorous definitions of the ductility are required in order to avoid possible confusions. After this preliminary work, a more transparent analysis is done concerning the effect of the microstructural scale showing clearly the weaknesses and the strengths of ultra-fine single phase steels. Finally, possible ways to overcome the main limitations are presented.




Yonghao Zhao and Xiaozhou Liao




O. Bouaziz, "The “Ductilities” in Single Phase Steels from Usual to Nano-Scale Microstructures", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 633-634, pp. 205-210, 2010


November 2009





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