Measures of Ductility for UFG Materials Obtained by SPD



It is shown that for ultrafine grained materials obtained with severe plastic deformation methods, the value of elongation up to fracture does not determine ductility, while the reduction of area up to fracture does determine it. The latter characteristic gives information about how an alloy structure resists the formation of discontinuity flaws under deformation in a hard stress state. We show that for a commercial grade titanium that underwent Twist Extrusion (TE), the value of , and thus ductility, is higher in the UFG state than in the coarse-grained state.




Yonghao Zhao and Xiaozhou Liao




Y. Beygelzimer et al., "Measures of Ductility for UFG Materials Obtained by SPD", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 633-634, pp. 223-230, 2010


November 2009




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