Calculations of the Spontaneous Polarizations and Dielectric Constants for AlN, GaN, InN, and SiC



Within the scope of the Harrison’s bond orbital model the spontaneous polarization, high- and low frequency dielectric constants are obtained in an analytical form. Theoretical results are in a reasonable agreement with the experimental data available and the numerical calculations based on the ab initio methods.




Anton J. Bauer, Peter Friedrichs, Michael Krieger, Gerhard Pensl, Roland Rupp and Thomas Seyller




S. Y. Davydov and A. A. Lebedev, "Calculations of the Spontaneous Polarizations and Dielectric Constants for AlN, GaN, InN, and SiC", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 645-648, pp. 1203-1206, 2010


April 2010




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