Synthesis, Characterization & Impedance Studies of some New Nano Filtration Membranes



In the recent years membrane technology has gained significant attention from polymer chemists all around the world due to their attractive features such as efficiency, low costs, low energy costs and as effective solutions to longstanding problems in the chemical industries. Membrane technologies have been widely applied in the separation of liquids and even gases. Many separation problems can be solved economically by nanofiltration alone or in combination with other separation processes. This study aimed to synthesize polysulfone based nanofiltration membranes using DIPS (diffusion induced phase separation) technique. Newly synthesized polymer membranes were subjected to Infra red spectral and water uptake studies. Membranes were also characterized using electrochemical spectroscopy for their proton conducting property. Their surface morphology is visualized by SEM.




Amir Al-Ahmed




M. Padaki et al., "Synthesis, Characterization & Impedance Studies of some New Nano Filtration Membranes", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 657, pp. 26-34, 2010


July 2010




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