Electron Mobility Model for Strained-Si/(001) Si1-XGex



There has been much interest in the Si-based strained technology lately. The improvement of strained-Si device performance is due to the enhancement of the mobility, so the further study on mobility is essential in both theory and practice aspects. In this paper, an analytical model of the electron mobility of strained-Si material, such as biaxial tensile strained-Si material grown on relaxed Si1-xGex (0≤x≤0.6) substrates, as a function of strain and different orientations is obtained. The results show that the electron mobilities for [100] and [010] orientations increase rapidly with increasing Ge fraction x, and there is no electron mobility enhancement for [001] orientation in comparison to relaxed Si material.




Yuan Ming Huang




J. H. An et al., "Electron Mobility Model for Strained-Si/(001) Si1-XGex", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 663-665, pp. 477-480, 2011


November 2010




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