Researches in Powder Metallurgy


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: José M. Torralba, Raquel De Oro, Mónica Campos

摘要: Since low alloyed sintered steels were introduced in the market of the structural parts, we have followed the evolution of a material with poor...

作者: Johan Ter Maat, Claudia Cristea, Ovidiu Cojocaru

摘要: Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) is a fast-growing manufacturing method, providing a cost efficient production route to complicated steel parts in...

作者: Mario Rosso, Eva Dudrová, Marco Actis Grande, Róbert Bidulský

摘要: The present paper is focused on the wear characteristic of vacuum sintered Cr-Mo-[Mn]-[Cu] steels. The effect of chemical composition and the...

作者: Herbert Danninger, Christian Sohar, Christian Gierl Mayer, Agnieszka Betzwar-Kotas, Brigitte Weiss

摘要: In this work, the gigacycle fatigue response of several tool steel grades has been studied using an ultrasonic resonance testing device. It showed...

作者: Eva Dudrová, Marco Actis Grande, Mario Rosso, Margita Kabátová, Róbert Bidulský, Eduard Hryha

摘要: The effect of high temperature sintering and high cooling rate on shifting the microstructural composition to the favourably of martensite-bainite...

作者: Mehmet Turker

摘要: Powders metallurgy route was used to produce foams from pure Al powders and pre-alloyed Al alloy powders (Alumix 231) with or without reinforcing...

作者: Horia Colan

摘要: The paper presents the main stages of the development of Romanian international relations in powder metallurgy, especially regarding its...

作者: Andrej Šalak, Marcela Selecká

摘要: Mechanical properties, microstructure and fracture of Fe-3Cr-0.5Mo-xMn steels sintered laboratory at 1250°C and industrially at 1180°C, and of...

作者: Marcela Selecká, Andrej Šalak, Dagmar Jakubéczyová

摘要: The effect of three iron powder grades and three manganese carrier types on mechanical and tribological characteristics of sintered 1 -5% Mn...