Evolutions of Microstructure and Phase Transformation in Cu-Al-Fe-Nb/Ta High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys



The evolutions of microstructure and phase transformation behavior of Cu-Al-Fe-Nb/Ta high-temperature shape memory alloys under the quenched and aged states were investigated in this study, including Cu-10wt.% Al-6wt.% Fe, Cu-10wt.% Al-4wt.% Fe-2wt.% Nb and Cu-10wt.% Al-4wt.% Fe-2wt.% Ta three types alloys. The obtained results show that after quenching, Cu-10wt.% Al-6wt.% Fe alloy exhibits two-phase microstructure of β′1 martensite + Fe (Al,Cu) phase; Cu-10wt.% Al-4wt.% Fe-2wt.% Nb alloy also has two-phase microstructure of (β′1 + γ1 martensites) + Nb (Fe,Al,Cu)2 phase; Cu-10wt.% Al-4wt.% Fe-2wt.% Ta alloy is consisted of three-phase of (β′1 + γ1 martensites) + Fe (Al,Cu,Ta) + Ta2(Al,Cu,Fe)3 phases. However, α (Cu) phase precipitates after aging for three alloys; and Fe (Al,Cu,Nb) phase is also present in Cu-10wt.% Al-4wt.% Fe-2wt.% Nb alloy. All the studied alloys exhibit complicated martensitic transformation behaviors resulted from the existence of two types martensites (β′1 and γ1).




Xiaopeng Xiong and Ran Zhang




S. Y. Yang et al., "Evolutions of Microstructure and Phase Transformation in Cu-Al-Fe-Nb/Ta High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 833, pp. 67-70, 2015


November 2015




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