A New Type of Single Carrier Conduction Rectifier on SiC



A new rectifier, called SPND or SNPD (Schottky-PN or -NP junction diode) and inherently showing low on-resistance and unipolar operation, was experimentally demonstrated for the first time on 4H-SiC. It is structured with an n or a p region of very low doping that is sandwiched and completely depleted between a Schottky junction and a one-sided PN junction. Either electrons or holes, but not both, contribute to the current conduction process. Clear and sharp rectifying properties are observed over the entire range of applied voltage.




Fabrizio Roccaforte, Francesco La Via, Roberta Nipoti, Danilo Crippa, Filippo Giannazzo and Mario Saggio




S. Tanimoto et al., "A New Type of Single Carrier Conduction Rectifier on SiC", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 858, pp. 769-772, 2016


May 2016


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