2016 the First International Conference on Civil Engineering and Materials Science


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.866

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作者: Osama Ahmed Mohamed, Waddah Al Hawat

摘要: Fly ash is a sustainable partial replacement of Portland cement that offers significant advantages in terms of fresh and hardened properties of...

作者: Nolan C. Concha

摘要: One of the most useful innovations in concrete technology is Self Compacting Concrete that has the ability to flow efficiently and maintain...

作者: Jin Xia Xu, Ya Long Cao, Lin Hua Jiang, Ying Bin Song, Wei Feng

摘要: In order to evaluate more accurately the corrosion condition of reinforcing steel in chloride contaminated concrete, it is significant to...

作者: Yuan Yuan Wan, Yong Hao Fang

摘要: Stockpiled high carbon-content fly ash and lime was used to prepare belite cement by hydrothermal reaction followed by low temperature...

作者: He Sheng Tang, Jia He Mei, Wei Chen, Da Wei Li, Song Tao Xue

摘要: Various sources of uncertainty exist in concrete fatigue life prediction, such as variability in loading conditions, material parameters,...

作者: Arooran Sounthararajah, Nhu Nguyen, Ha Hong Bui, Peerapong Jitsangiam, Gordon L.M. Leung, Jayantha Kodikara

摘要: It is well known that cement stabilization of granular materials is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly technique for the highway...

作者: B. Kondraivendhan

摘要: In this study the effect of age, w/c ratio on mean distribution radius and dispersion of pores in Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) sand mortar was...

作者: Cheng Fang Yuan, Di Tao Niu

摘要: Durable life of concrete structures under the chloride environment depends on the permeability of chloride ion, and the chloride ion diffusion...

作者: Harjot Singh Kahai, Mayur Paliwal, Sumit Geete

摘要: High Density concrete is commonly used for radiation shielding of nuclear-reactors and other structures like counter weights, coating of off-shore...