Materials for Modern Technologies III


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作者: Ke Jian Li, Hong Xia Liu

摘要: Vacancy defects are common defects formed in the syntheses of silicon carbide nanotubes (SiCNTs) and seriously impact the electronic structures of...

作者: Jia Chang Liang, Zhi Liu, Ting Jian Dong, Bo Liu, Dong Yan Chen, Hai Bo Li, Xiao Yong Zhao, Shi Gui Zhang

摘要: The novel solid NaXe nanoclusters were prepared. Measurements and calculations indicated that solid NaXe nanocluster has easily vibration-...

作者: Xiao Meng Lv, Ying Jia, Zhi Yong Huang, Qi Long Han, Shu Juan Zhang

摘要: SO42-/TiO2, SO42-/Fe2O3 nanoparticles were prepared by the...

作者: Mouna Mohamed Abdoul-Latif, Jia Xu, Jian Xi Yao, Song Yuan Dai

摘要: The incorporation of metal nanoparticles is not a new method, but remains a method not enough investigated in perovskite solar cells. Many others...

作者: Qun Fu, Li Kun Miao, Yong Lei

摘要: This paper reports a simple and versatile method with innovative application of photoresist film for fabricating ordered nanodot arrays with...

作者: Po Sang Lo, Chun Ki Yeung

摘要: GO-PMMA solid was used to test its ability on absorbing the lead ion obtained from standard solution. Samples of the test solution were collected...

作者: Li Na Wang, Dan Zhou, You Yu, Zhong Qi Luan, Bing Qu, Ya Xiang Bai, Chao Pan, De Long Tang, Na Zhu, Zhao Hui Gao, Ai Ling Zou, Li Zhong Hu

摘要: Because of the different melting point, it is difficult to doped Ag element in ZnO film. Ag dopant can adjust the properties of ZnO materials. In...

作者: Ye Feng Liu, Yan Fen Li, Xiao Lan Yan, Jie Yan, Min Jiao Li, Yi Shun Cui

摘要: Synthesis of poly (1, 4-phenylene sulfide) (PPS) through oxidative polymerization seems promising to us. Comparing with current commercial method...

作者: Ming Shan Yang, Peng Wei Yin, Hong Liang Tong

摘要: The narrow particle size distribution of poly (vinyl silicone) microspheres were prepared by the hydrolysis-polycondensation method with vinyl...