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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.898

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作者: Tong Hui Liu, Sheng Ping Wen, Xiao Lan Wu, Hui Huang, Kun Yuan Gao

摘要: Vickers hardness and electric conductivity measurements as well as micro-structure analysis were used to investigate the effects of trace element...

作者: Y. Liu, Hui Huang, R. Liu, Sheng Ping Wen, Xiao Lan Wu, Kun Yuan Gao, Zuo Ren Nie

摘要: The hot deformation behavior of aluminum alloy 5E61 was studied by hot compressive tests using a Gleeble-1500 thermal simulator. The tests were...

作者: Xin Fang Bai, Yong Qing Zhao, B. Li

摘要: In this work the texture evolution of a near β Ti-3Zr-2Sn-3Mo-25Nb (TLM) biomedical titanium alloy in hot compression at different deformation...

作者: Tian Yang Guan, Zhi Feng Zhang, Yue Long Bai, Ping Wang

摘要: The application of Annular Electromagnetic Stirring (A-EMS) for production of high-quality slurry has been examined. Al-11%Zn-3%Mg-1%Cu-0.13%Zr...

作者: Pei Liang Liu, Xiao Lan Wu, Sheng Ping Wen, Hui Huang, Kun Yuan Gao, Zuo Ren Nie

摘要: The microstructure of Al-6Mg-0.9Mn-0.07Zr-0.2Er (wt.%), registered as 5E61 alloy, were investigated using optical microscopy, scanning electron...

作者: Wen Jian Lv, Bo Long Li, Peng Qi, Zuo Ren Nie

摘要: The 6061 aluminum alloys with different content of erbium were prepared. The erbium content was optimized by measurement of grain refining effects...

作者: Quan Tong Yao, Meng Nan Xing, Guang Lan Zhang, Wei Ping Tong

摘要: A pollution-free nanocrystalline layer was prepared on the surface of Ti6Al4V by surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT). The...

作者: Sha Sha Dong, Bo Long Li, Wen Jian Lv, Peng Qi, Zuo Ren Nie

摘要: The microstructure and mechanical properties of as-homogenized 6061 aluminum alloy with 0.2wt.% Er were investigated. The microstructures of the...

作者: Shu Jing Cui, Hao Ran Geng, Xin Ying Teng, Xiang Wei Wu, Peng Jia, Chen Wu

摘要: As-cast Mg-3Er-xZn (x = 0, 0.5, 1 and 2 at.%) alloys were prepared by a cast ingot metallurgy process. The effect of Zn contents on the...

作者: Wen Jun Liu, Bin Jiang, Xiao Wei Yu, Fu Sheng Pan

摘要: The influence of cooling rate (1.5, 0.3 and 0.1 °C/s) on the hot tearing susceptibility (HTS) of Mg-9Al-1Zn-0.8Ce alloy was investigated by taking...