Binders, Materials and Technologies in Modern Construction III


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Theodor Staněk, Petr Sulovský

摘要: In laboratory conditions, the effect of minor oxides – MgO and SO3 on formation of Portland cement clinker was observed. The research...

作者: Tomáš Melichar, Jiří Bydžovský, Ámos Dufka, Jindrich Melichar

摘要: Polymer cement matrix based materials were designed within the frame of the research presented in this paper. Resistance of these materials to...

作者: Ámos Dufka, Tomáš Melichar

摘要: The paper deals with a comprehensive analysis of the influence of applied crystallization additives on the service life of self-compacting...

作者: Karel Kulísek, Dominik Gazdič, Karel Dvořák

摘要: Fluidized bed ash, which is the youngest industrial waste can be considered on the basis of research, a high-quality secondary raw material base...

作者: Dana Kubátová, Martin Boháč

摘要: This investigation was made to examine how the particle size of lime influence the properties of calcium hydrosilicate materials. Quicklime was...

作者: Martin Vyšvařil, Tomáš Žižlavský, Štěpán Zimmermann, Patrik Bayer

摘要: In the current restoration practice, the mortars based on aerial or hydraulic lime with siliceous aggregate are used on repair / reconstruction of...

作者: Pavel Reiterman, Martin Keppert

摘要: Application of various pozzolanic materials is the current approach to obtain suitable environmental, economic and durability parameters of...

作者: Dušan Dolák, Karel Dvořák, Jaroslav Bureš

摘要: Limestone as a natural rock tends to have various parameters. Variation in parameters, as well as firing temperature have significant impact on...

作者: Monika Čáchová, Magdaléna Doleželová, Martin Keppert

摘要: Pozzolanic additives are widely applied as components of cementitious composites as well as mortars based on white lime. They are generally...