Nano Hybrids and Composites Vol. 11


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: K. Karthik, R. Rohith Renish, I. Irfan Ahmed, T. Niruban Projoth

摘要: In this research aims to study the damping characteristics of hybrid polymer composite, which can be used in engineering structures and in many...

作者: Syed Sajid Ali Shah, Habib Nasir

摘要: Recently, graphene has played a promising role due to its exceptional mechanical and thermal properties and the broad range of applications. This...

作者: Olayinka J. Olaniyan, Enock O. Dare, Olayide Rasaq Adetunji, Omolola O. Adedeji, Shephrah O. Ogungbesan

摘要: Chitosan is termed as one of the useful carbohydrate oligosaccharides derived from chitin, which can be used to improve film packaging by...

作者: Danica Louise S. Bonga, Ma. Manna Farrel B. Pinto, Mary Fatima T. Tayad

摘要: Montmorillonite clay particles were decorated with silver (Ag) nanoparticles by chemical reduction of Ag nitrate with sodium citrate. X-ray...

作者: Amlan Kumar Das, Avinash Marwal, Vikram Pareek, Yagya Joshi, Apoorva

摘要: The surface of the magnetite nanoparticles has been engineered by the proteins available in the leaf extract of Datura inoxia. Fourier...