Nano Hybrids and Composites Vol. 16


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Doddipatla Purnima, Srikanth Somarowthu

摘要: Polypropylene (PP), a versatile polymer finds application in many sectors. However, it has low impact strength.To overcome this draw back...

作者: Penchal Reddy Matli, Ubaid Fareeha, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Moinuddin Yusuf, Adel Mohamed Amer Mohamed, Manoj Gupta

摘要: This work aims to investigate the effect of SiC addition on structural, microstructural and mechanical properties of developed Al-Sic...

作者: Buraq Al-Mosawi, David Wexler, Andrzej Calka

摘要: Aluminium reinforced with different volume fractions of milled carbon fibres (MCFs) were manufactured via advanced powder metallurgy processing...

作者: Gürol Önal, Mehmet Okan Erdal, Kevser Dincer

摘要: In this study 1% Ag (silver), Cu (copper), CNT (carbon nanotube) and graphene nanoribbon (GNR) nanoparticle reinforced PAN fibers were prepared...

作者: Gurpreet Singh Saini, Sanjeev Goyal

摘要: In the present paper aluminum matrix composites were fabricated using base material AA6082-T6. SiC and B4C particulates were used as...

作者: Stewart M. Go Roa, Eduardo Magdaluyo Jr., Wojciech Gierlotka

摘要: The microstructural properties and intermetallic (IMC) formation of Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) through varying amounts of zinc were examined in this study...

作者: Min Jung Kim, Dong Bok Lee

摘要: The pack-cementation is one of economical, efficient coating processes for Fe-base alloys. It can provide good protection against high-temperature...

作者: Neeraj Sharma, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Kumar, Gurpreet Singh Saini

摘要: The size of equipments now a day reduced to microns and nanos. So, the wear characteristics play a dominating role in the proper working of...

作者: Emmanuel Igumbor, Ezekiel Omotoso, Walter Ernst Meyer

摘要: We present results of defect formation energies and charge state thermodynamic transition levels of Mg and Te interstitials in MgTe wurzite...