Specialized Collections



Specialized Collections, launched in 2015, feature selected papers on the most advanced technological trends from Trans Tech Publications’ database in materials science and engineering.

First five subjects covered are:
Volume 1: Solar Cells (4-part-set)
Volume 2: Solar Energy (5-part-set)
Volume 3: Graphene (4-part-set)
Volume 4: Superconductors and Superconductivity
Volume 5: Supercacpactiors

Our editors chose the best scientific and engineering papers over the last 5 years, so these sets contain cutting edge applications and solutions and breakthrough ideas.

All the papers were peer-reviewed before appearing in internationally indexed periodicals published by TTP from 2010 to 2015.

All the papers are meant for academic researchers, engineers, R&D centers, University lecturers and students in materials science. Both can be used as reference books for the latest trends in science and technology.


Volume 1: Solar Cells: Development and Research of Solar Cells
Solar energy possesses enormous potential as a source of affordable and inexhaustible energy. Solar energy is utilized with the help of various technologies and, in particular, photovoltaic technology, based on photovoltaic elements which provide direct conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Volume 2: Solar Energy: Engineering of Solar Energy Systems
The main advantages of solar energy are inexhaustibility and wide accessibility, as well as the relative environmental friendliness of its transformation into other forms of energy.
The widespread use of solar energy requires the creation of functionally complete systems which convert solar energy into an element of a given technological process.

Volume 3: Graphene
As a direct development of nanotechnologies, graphene is the first known crystal that has genuine two-dimensional structure (2D). The diversity of properties of graphene has predetermined a wide range of applications of its use in many areas of scientific and practical activities.

Volume 4: Superconductors and Superconductivity
The phenomenon of superconductivity in materials offers great opportunities for fundamental and applied sciences. Application of superconducting material in measuring devices, medical diagnostics, in space and energy industries and transport, is only a short list of possible use of the phenomenon of superconductivity in everyday human activity.

Volume 5: Supercapacitors
Supercapacitors are widely used in tiny (MEMS) high-tech devices, as well as in advanced energy systems. Practical use of ultracapacitors opens up new horizons in the technology of accumulation, storing and delivery of electrical energy. Modern materials and technologies which are used to create supercapacitors are results of the advanced achievements in the field of fundamental and applied physics and materials science.