Solid State Phenomena

ISSN: 1662-9779


编辑: Jav Davaasambuu and Jadambaa Temuujin
上线时间: January 2018
描述: This volume contains peer-reviewed papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Materials Science (ICMS2017, Mongolia, August 18-21, 2017) and focuses on the research of the structure of materials, their properties and characterization techniques as well as their applications in various areas of engineering practice.


编辑: Josef Kasl
上线时间: November 2017
描述: This book contains selected contributions presented on the 14th conference “Contribution of Metallography to Production Problem Solutions” held on 6 – 8 June 2017 in the Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic. The conference was focused on application of metallography in industrial practice - for solution of production problems, elucidation of premature failure of machine components and constructions during service, breakdowns or accidents. In addition some results of new research projects which could improve manufacturing technology or quality of machine parts are presented. Individual papers deal with failure causes and fracture mechanism, insufficient material properties and incorrect function of the components. Using metallographic analyses, which include light and electron microscopy, spectroscopic methods, physical methods for detection of defects, material structures are investigated. Results are correlated with material properties and recommendations for production technologies improvement are given.


编辑: Prof. Alexander Danilin and Prof. Vladimir Dmitriev
上线时间: November 2017
描述: Materials with multified coupling properties are an important aspect of modern science and technology with applications in many industrial fields. This book is a collection of papers concerning key engineering materials and solid state phenomena. The book is intended for researchers, engineers, designers and students interested in the investigation and practical use of functional materials in engineering.


编辑: Md Rahim Sahar and Md Supar Rohani
上线时间: October 2017
描述: Collected papers by results of the annual Regional Conference of Solid State Science and Technology (RCSSST) 2016 (Malaysia) offers readers the results of the latest scientific research in the field of solid-state materials and technologies. This book will be useful for many specialists from various fields of applied sciences.


编辑: Regita Bendikienė and Kazimieras Juzėnas
上线时间: October 2017
描述: This collection is based on results of the 26th International Baltic Conference on Materials Engineering which is a continuation of the regular Materials Societies of Baltic Countries and Association of Baltic Materials Societies conferences.
The aim of this book is to present the wide range of papers on advanced engineering materials and materials processing technologies, practice of application of engineering materials, surface engineering and tribology.


编辑: Ghenadii Korotcenkov and Syed H. Masood
上线时间: October 2017
描述: The book is a collection of scientific papers by results of the 8th International Conference on Material and Manufacturing Technology (ICMMT 2017, May 4-6, 2017, Singapore) and dedicated to the actual issues on the production, processing, analysis and using of the modern structural and functional materials. We hope this collection will be useful for many researchers and engineers from various fields of engineering sciences.


编辑: Andrey Radionov
上线时间: September 2017
描述: The presented collection of scientific papers was created by results of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering (May 16-19, 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation). This collection contains results of the latest scientific researches and engineering solutions in the area of the functional and structural materials, technologies of materials processing and innovative technologies in the metallurgical industry. We hope that this book will be useful for the many specialists from these areas of engineering scince.


编辑: Mariatti Jaafar and Zainovia Lockman
上线时间: September 2017
描述: This book is a compilation of selected papers presented during the 25th Scientific Conference Microscopy Society Malaysia held in Bangi, Malaysia on 7th to the 9th of December 2016. This book shows the key role of microscopy and other various analytical techniques in the modern materials science including for the research of metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, nanomaterials and biomaterials. All contributions in this book concentrated around materials with properties and applications that may aid in solving pressing global issues such as environment, pollution, energy and biomedicine.


编辑: Prof. Haider F. Abdul Amir
上线时间: September 2017
描述: Functional materials have held a very prominent position in the various high-tech areas. Such materials are not being classified on the basis of their origin, nature of creating or processing techniques but are classified on the basis of the functions they can perform. The International Conference on Functional Materials and Metallurgy (ICFMM 2016, August 3-5, 2016, Shanghai, China) was devoted to the study of the properties and methods of application the modern functional materials. We hope the volume will offer the readers a good opportunity to access the state-of-the art developments and future directions of researches on functional materials and metallurgy.


编辑: Sabrina Hedrich, Kathrin Rübberdt, Franz Glombitza, Wolfgang Sand, Axel Schippers, Mario Vera Véliz and Sabine Willscher
上线时间: August 2017
描述: The 22th International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium (24 - 27 September, 2017, Freiberg, Germany) was the global forum for experts from academia and industry active in the fields of biomining, bioleaching and bioremediation. These technologies have a high potential to establish environmentally favourable processes for the recovery of primary and secondary precious and base metal resources as well as the remediation of exploited mining sites.