Solid Compounds of Transition Elements


doi: 10.4028/

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作者: Wolfgang Jeitschko

摘要: The first conference on what became the SCTE series was organized by André Michel in Paris in 1965. It was intended to deal with the preparation...

作者: Devashibhai T. Adroja, Y. Muro, Toshiro Takabatake, M.D. Le, H.C. Walker, K.A. McEwen, Andrew T. Boothroyd

摘要: The recent discovery of topological Kondo insulating behaviour in strongly correlated electron systems has generated considerable interest in...

作者: Nastasia Klymentiy, Nataliya Semuso, Svitlana Pukas, Yaroslav O. Tokaychuk, Lev Akselrud, Roman E. Gladyshevskii

摘要: The crystal structure of a new ternary aluminide of refined composition Sc6Cu24.1(2)Al11.9(2) was solved by...

作者: Aleksandr A. Povzner, Arkadij G. Volkov, Ivan A. Yasyulevich

摘要: The effect of pressure on the Neel temperature (TN) and on the temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of a...

作者: Takuto Kazama, Minoru Maeda, Kouichi Takase, Yoshiki Takano, Tadataka Watanabe

摘要: We investigate electric and magnetic properties of quasi-one-dimensional transition-metal carbides Sc3TC4 (T =...

作者: Hadda Krarcha, A. Ferroudj, Salima Mesadia

摘要: In order to investigate Hafnium transition metal alloys HfM (M= Co, Ir, Os,Pt, Rh, Ru) phase diagrams in the region of 50/50% atomic ratio, we...

作者: Elena Anikina, Yury Yaropolov, Victor Somenkov, Victor Verbetsky

摘要: The hydrogenation of TbNi0.4Co0.6 was studied by means of neutron diffraction and calorimetric method with use of the...

作者: Didem Ovalı, M. Lütfi Öveçoğlu

摘要: In this study, tungsten silicide powders mechanochemically synthesized using WO3-SiO2-Mg powder blends. Stoichiometric...

作者: Sérgio Souto Maior Tavares, Adriana da Cunha Rocha, Manoel Ribeiro da Silva, Carlos Augusto Silva de Oliveira, Rachel Pereira Carneiro da Cunha

摘要: The demand for high strength materials with improved corrosion resistance boosted the development of supermartensitic steels from conventional...