23rd Concrete Days 2016


doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.259

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作者: Lukáš Zvolánek, Ivailo Terzijski

摘要: Creep of concrete is a phenomenon that is not only significant in the long term, but also at young concrete. The paper deals with methods...

作者: Rene Cechmanek, Martina Drdlová, Martin Bohac

摘要: Design, preparation and testing of fibre-cement composites are a task of wide range of research workplaces and universities in our country and...

作者: Đorđe Čairović, Martin Zlámal, Petr Štěpánek, Tomáš Trčka, Pavel Škarvada, Robert Macků

摘要: In cases when two concrete parts are cast against in different times are not connected by dowels, main contributors to the resistance are cohesion...

作者: Petr Misák, Petr Daněk, Dalibor Kocáb, Michaela Potočková, Bronislava Moravcová, Libor Topolář

摘要: This paper deals with determining the dependence of the value of the static modulus of elasticity of concrete in compression on the number of...

作者: Vladimír Suchánek, Matěj Slováček

摘要: This report deals with the description of development of waterproof steel fibre reinforced concrete (suitable for concrete lining of tunnel...

作者: Vlastimil Bílek, Filip Khestl, Pavel Mec

摘要: Hybrid cements represent a relatively new type of binders which combines some of the advantages of Ordinary Portland Cement and an application of...

作者: Martin Tipka, Jitka Vašková

摘要: The paper deals with the determination of the modulus of elasticity in tension for cementitious composites and comparing these values with the...

作者: Michal Ženíšek, Tomáš Vlach, Lenka Laiblová

摘要: This article deals with the ways of mixing method for concrete with extremely low water-cement ratio (w/c) typical for ultra-high performance...

作者: Marek Vinkler, Jan L. Vítek

摘要: The paper presents some results of experimental program focused on drying and shrinkage of large concrete specimens. Segments of walls with...