Solid State Phenomena

ISSN: 1662-9779


编辑: Jerzy Labanowski and Andrzej Zieliński
上线时间: December 2011
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The purpose of this collection is to disseminate the latest developments in the field of the environmental degradation of structural materials, hydrogen degradation, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen and corrosion fatigue. The result is an excellent guide to the experimental study and modeling of environmentally-assisted cracking, advanced materials technologies and case studies of materials failure in various industrial applications.


编辑: Yuan Ming Huang
上线时间: November 2011
描述: These proceedings comprise a selection of the peer-reviewed papers that were presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Liquid Crystals: Science and Technology.
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The topics of the 102 papers cover: the physics of liquid crystals, the chemistry of liquid crystals, applications of liquid crystals and related materials. This work will provide guidance to physicists, chemists and materials scientists working in the field of liquid crystals.


编辑: Zygmunt Kitowski, Jerzy Garus and Piotr Szymak
上线时间: November 2011
描述: This volume contains new results in the fields of mechatronics systems, mechanics and materials. It relates the latest developments and reflects the experience of the many researchers working in universities, research centers and relevant industries.
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The results of their research are covered by four chapters: Control Systems, Robotics, Diagnostics and Mechatronic Systems. The main aim of the book is the interconnection of diverse scientific fields, the cultivation of every possible scientific collaboration, the exchange of views and the promotion of new research targets as well as the further dissemination, dispersion and diffusion of scientific knowledge.


编辑: W. Jantsch and F. Schäffler
上线时间: August 2011
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The papers contained herein cover the most important and timely issues in the field of “Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology”, ranging from the theoretical analysis of defect problems to practical engineering solutions, with the emphasis on Si-based materials. Apart from the traditional topics of defect and materials engineering, characterization, modeling and simulation, and the co-integration of various material classes, topics such as materials for solar cells and photonics are discussed. Defects in graphene and in nanocrystals and nanowires are also treated, making this a very up-to-date survey of the field.


编辑: Andrzej Kot
上线时间: July 2011
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Attention is focused here on the materials group known as “smart” e.g. Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) and piezoelectrics. The Department of Process Control at the University of Science and Technology carries out leading research in the general area of control engineering. Within this field, scientists from the department also work on the implementation of control theory in materials processing; especially with regard to influencing material properties and optimizing manufacturing processes. Instead of exploiting the principles of control theory for materials use, some researchers use materials-related phenomena for control purposes. The present work offers an informative introduction to this interesting field.


编辑: Agnieszka Botor-Probierz and Andrzej Kiełbus
上线时间: June 2011
描述: The aim of this work is to present the latest results of scientific research carried out by staff, in the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, who are working in the area of light-metal alloys. The 20 papers are divided into three chapters: Aluminum Alloys, Magnesium Alloys and Titanium Alloys. This will be essential reading matter for anyone working in the same field.


编辑: Xipeng Xu
上线时间: June 2011
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This volume presents 70 papers selected from over 100 papers submitted by university and industrial researchers. All of the papers were peer-reviewed by carefully chosen experts. This volume provides readers with a broad overview of recent advances in the field of the application of diamond and related materials, as well as brazing super-abrasives.


编辑: Yves Bréchet, Emmanuel Clouet, Alexis Deschamps, Alphonse Finel and Frédéric Soisson
上线时间: June 2011
描述: The main objective of this special collection was to present state-of-the-art advances in the field of solid-solid phase transformations.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The 204 peer-reviewed papers were divided into 10 chapters:
1: Displacive Transformations,
2: Diffusional Transformations,
3: Transition by Interface Migration,
4: Order-Disorder Transitions,
5: Phase Transitions and Size Effect,
6: Driven Systems and Phase Transformations,
7: Phase Transformations during Industrial Processing,
8: Amorphous Alloys, Quasicrystals and other Complex Phases,
9: Advances in the Theory and Modeling of Phase Transitions,
10: Advances in Experimental Techniques.
The present work will be a useful supplement to the classic textbooks on the subject.


编辑: R. K. Singhal
上线时间: May 2011
描述: This special issue of “Solid State Phenomena” documents some novel experimental and theoretical approaches applied to fascinating materials. Motivated by the increasing need to synthesize and understand the properties of technologically important materials, this issue represents an important step forward in improving our understanding of how modern materials can be optimised for technology and industry. The issue comprises 9 original review papers covering experimental approaches and theoretical modeling. The contributions will be very useful to researchers working in various areas of CMP and will contribute significantly to the understanding of rapidly developing materials with regard to their synthesis, characterization and properties.


编辑: J.-L. Bobet, B. Chevalier and D. Fruchart
上线时间: April 2011
描述: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
This special collection gathers together the newest results on novel classes of materials which contain transition metals. It covers crystal chemistry, chemical bonding and electronic structure, magnetic and electron transport properties, thermo-electrics, hydrides, borides, carbides, silicides, germanides, pnictides, chalcogenides and complexes, metallic alloys and oxides. It will of interest to all those who work with transition metals.