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编辑: K. Noorsal
上线时间: January 2016
描述: Advanced materials and novel technologies for application in different areas of industry, biomedicine, environmental engineering and energy production. Methods for the synthesis, analysis, research and processing of materials, current approaches in the chemical and metallurgical manufacturing.


上线时间: January 2017
描述: Meet the 20th volume of the journal "Advanced Engineering Forum". The volume contains the manuscripts describing the results of engineering solutions and research dealing with actual problems in the study of structural materials and their processing technologies, engineering research in geotechnics and mining construction, environmental engineering and production management. Published articles will be useful for professionals in the field of mechanical engineering and for students and academic staff concerned with the related specialties.


编辑: Mokhtar Awang
上线时间: June 2017
描述: This book showcases comprehensive researches on recent advancements and activities in material sciences, machining of materials, joining of materials and numerical analysis of different type of materials and processes. It is intended for those who require a comprehensive knowledge on material sciences and engineering.
The collection was established following the results of the 2nd International Conference on Mechanical, Manufacturing and Process Plant Engineering, 23 – 24 November 2016, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


编辑: Maroš Halama
上线时间: March 2016
描述: The background of scientific papers of this special issue is mainly result of EFC No.401 forum and together with practical “Corrosion training” will give you motivation to improve fight against corrosion.
The papers divided into chapters: corrosion protection; measurement, assessment and prediction of corrosion rate; surface treatment and coatings.


编辑: Yuxun Wang, Guichun Huang and Ling Zhou
上线时间: October 2014
描述: The development of functional materials is at the heart of technological needs and the forefront of materials research. This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of peer reviewed reports on functional materials.
The 76 papers are grouped as follows:
Chapter 1: Metallic, Magnetic, Electric and Photoelectric Functional Materials;
Chapter 2: Nano and Inorganic Functional Materials;
Chapter 3: Organic and Polymer Functional Materials;
Chapter 4: Thin Film, Membrane and Coating Materials;
Chapter 5: Biological and Environment Functional Materials.


编辑: Prof. Aloke Paul
上线时间: November 2017
描述: Diffusion studies in the Ni- and Fe-aluminium based multicomponent systems are very important for understanding the performance and reliability of products in various sectors such as aviation and power generation industries. This volume deals with different aspects of diffusion-related studies covering thermodynamics, phase stability, fundamental diffusion studies in binary, ternary and multicomponent systems.


编辑: Yu Xun Wang, Gui Chun Huang and Linqing Luo
上线时间: April 2016
描述: This book aims to collect the up-to-date reports of functional materials research achievements. The book would appeal to researchers who work on functional materials study. The readers of this book could find wide range of topics in functional materials field.


编辑: Prof. Yafang Han, Qiang Zhang and Bin Jiang
上线时间: April 2015
描述: Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the Chinese Materials Congress 2014 (CMC 2014), July 4-7, 2014, Chengdu, China.
The 145 papers are grouped as follows: Symposium L: Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites;
Symposium M: High Temperature/Ultra-High Temperature Structural Materials, Surface and Coating Engineering;
Symposium N: High Entropy Alloys and Special High Temperature Material;
Symposium O: Advanced Magnesium Alloys and Application;
Symposium P: Superalloys;
Symposium Q: Powder Metallurgy;
Symposium R: Steel


编辑: S.N. Grigoriev
上线时间: October 2016
描述: This collection includes the results of innovative fundamental and applied research work carried out by the scientists of the Moscow University "STANKIN" (Russian Federation) in collaboration with the scientists of prestigious European scientific and educational institutions in area of research and development of the mechanical and the electrophysical methods of materials processing and advanced materials for mechanical engineering.


编辑: Dr. Alin Constantin Murariu
上线时间: July 2016
描述: This edition by results of 8th International Conference: Innovative Technology for Joining Advanced Materials (TIMA 16, Timisoara, Romania, June 2 - 3, 2016) is dedicated to actual problems in the field of advanced materials joining and testing procedures. A particular attention is given to practical problems of modern industry. This volume covers the following actual topics:
• New joining technologies
• Coatings: advanced materials and innovative technologies
• Modelling and simulation of welding and allied processes
• Specific problems in advanced materials joining
• Quality of welded joints and welded structures.